Industrial Survey

The use of drones for industrial survey is fast becoming the engineering norm. Drones on engineering sites can drastically improve the design phase of your project, help monitor your build through up to date orthomosaics and are even starting to rival LIDAR in terms of accuracy for chainages and other civil operations. Accurate and realistic 3D models provide excellent information for Architects and design engineers and these outputs can fit seamlessly into your chosen design programme. The benefits of UAV photogrammetry seem endless, however strict legislation governs the use of any drone for commercial use and the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) is actively enforcing the new regulations.

At BAC Unmanned, we understand that safety on a construction site is of paramount concern and we are aiming for 100% operational compliance with the SACAA by the early September 2016. So let us handle the image acquisition and processing, while you focus on the job at hand, without exposing your business or clients to any unnecessary risks.

At BAC we rely on the following 3 pillars that make us the best choice for your industrial survey:

1. Safety – we aim to be a fully licensed UAV operator as soon as possible and have a strong aviation safety record as BAC Helicopters. We already have a fully licensed pilot and 4 fully licensed drones on our books. The SACAA are busy processing our Remote Operating Certificate (ROC) and we should be fully compliant by the end of 2016.

2. Reliability – we can provide tailor made solutions for your site needs using our wide range of quadcopters and fixed wing drones. This ensures we always have the right tool for the job and no down time for drone repair

3. Accuracy – depending on your needs and budget constraints we will help you select the right level of accuracy for your application. Need a quick site survey every week to check progress or a detailed survey grade site analysis? No problem, our specialised software can provide you with a detailed georeferenced orthomosaic with an accuracy of around 2m, perfect for overlaying in Google Earth, without the need for surveyed ground control points (GCPs) or with a few carefully designated GCPs we can up the accuracy into the LIDAR range, between 0.05 and 0.2m. Don’t take our word for it, download these scientific papers which put drone photogrammetry to the test against traditional LIDAR surveys

UAVs vs LIDAR Paper 1

UAVs vs LIDAR Paper 2

BAC unmanned is the smart choice for all your industrial survey applications including:

• Mining surveys
• Land management
• Architecture
• Urban planning
• Lidar grade photogrammetry surveys
• Chainages
• Construction
• Draw down monitoring for development bonds
• Accurate stockpile volumes
• Equipment and facility inspection
• Insurance validations