Aerial Photography

In this modern age, where social media and digital imagery are part of everyday life, aerial photography is a rapidly growing market and its application is endless.
In both its video and still form, the dynamic trend for aerial images in fields like tourism, sports, commerce, real estate, leisure, social media and art, amongst many others, are showing remarkable results.
If you’re going to take experimentation and creativity up a notch, what better platform than the highly advanced and versatile multi-rotor drone to redefine the boundaries?
In order to provide the best service for your unique needs, BAC Unmanned has partnered with some very experienced, specialist photographers.

Our Featured Photographers

Andrew Martens: Founder and owner of Helicam Productions

After completing a degree in mechanical engineering in 1998 at UKZN Durban, Andrew worked at a number of companies heading up their product design and development divisions. In 2009 he started focusing his design skills on developing aerial photography units using remote control helicopters and digital SLR cameras, and founded his company, Helicam Productions. The demand for the services grew rapidly and the fields of aerial video and 360 degree virtual tours were developed and added to the product offering. Since 2009 Andrew’s client base has grown considerably, and current clients include prominent property developers, events, hotels, resorts, corporates and SA’s leading private schools. Andrew travels extensively, with clients across South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, the DRC, as well as the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues. Helicam Productions no longer focuses solely on aerial media, but also offers ground-based filming, photography and virtual tour services. Andrew’s passion is to combine his technical roots of engineering with the creative opportunities that filming and photography offer to create world class photography, videography and virtual tours. Videos filmed and produced by Andrew have been chosen for several international film festivals and a recent tourism video for the Drakensberg won an international award at a Polish film festival in July 2016.